12 Google AdSense Approval Guidelines

There are 12 AdSense approval guidelines in the first attempt on the new website:

   Google Adsense is one of the extraordinary methods to get an ad on your site compared to other advertisement systems to approve to a site or a blog. It is 90% better than some other CPC (Cost Per Click) publicizing programs. It offers the distributers the most noteworthy CTR (Click Through Rate) for each site page.

     The distributors could make heaps of income every day from Google Adsense. Each new website admin has a facility to adapt his site with this promotion organize. Be that as it may, lamentably, a significant number of them come up short. Adsense has presented some severe guidelines and necessities. Most new bloggers don’t know the Adsense approval stragegies. Follow these Google AdSense approval guidelines on just 3 months old site and start making money.

Google AdSense approval guidelines

Perfect Google AdSense approval guidelines for a new blog:


Buy the best and cheap hosting from best-hosting providers like Namecheap, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger.

     If you do not have money then choose a blogger because it is free.


Before applying for the first time Google AdSense approval on your new site, make sure you have a minimum of 12-18 unique and high-quality articles on your site with more than 700 Words with basic SEO.

     Learn SEO tutorials from basic to advance

     If you already have an AdSense account then you just need 3-4 unique and high-quality articles and pages.


     Your domain age should be 5 months old for AdSense approval. But it may vary with your location. Some countries like China and India, there is a requirement from Google to have 6 months old domain.

     Check Google requirement of domain age for Adsense

     But it does not mean you can not get approval before 5 or 6 months. I also got my 2 site approval after just 3 months.


     Niche plays an important role and one of the biggest Factor. Choose the niche with less competition. Take your time to select your niche, and then start writing articles on the selected niche.

     Make sure that you are not using any pirated or illegal niche, like movies download site.


     Optimize your articles or blogs with proper SEO. Optimize your title, meta description, images, content on target keyword.

     Also, do technical SEO of your site. Website load speed is also an important factor. Make a friendly URL structure.


     Theme is also an important factor for AdSense approval. The website theme should be friendly with Google Ads and should be beautiful. The theme should be easy to navigate to any page.

     The theme should have good loading speed and should be responsive.


     Most of the bloggers thinks that they must have daily traffic for AdSense approval. Let me tell you that there is no need for traffic for AdSense approval.

     The websites with traffic tend to get approved faster.  So keep posting your articles on all social media platforms to get more traffic.

     In case if you are still not getting traffic through social media channels, then keep posting it and make sure to do that after approval request as well.


     Keep in mind, always apply for Google AdSense with your root domain like “yourdomainname.com”. Not with “blog.yourdomainname.com”.


     The image speaks a thousand words. Your articles should have attractive and branding images. It gives your readers a better understanding of your content and they engage with your content.

     Share these images on image sharing sites like Pinterest, Flicker, Facebook, and Instagram to get more visitors.


     Make sure you have four most important pages on your site. About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer. You can not get AdSense approval without these pages on your site.

11.Google Search Console:

     Don’t forget to submit your sitemap on Google Search Console and wait for 15-30 days to let Google crawl your all pages and posts.

     Keep tracking Google Search Console to analyze the traffic you are getting and any error with your site. If you found any error, resolve it as soon as possible.


     For the 1st time AdSense approval, it takes 20-40 days depends on your country and location

     If you already have an AdSense account then it takes 1-5 hours.


     Before applying for the AdSense, make sure that you are fulfilling the Google AdSense requirements. Follow the Google AdSense approval guidelines and get approval in the first attempt. 

     These Google AdSense approval guidelines will help you a lot in getting approval. Follow these steps and start making money.

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