What are backlinks and why are they important in SEO?

What is a Backlink?

     The backlink is a link created from one page on the website to another. Backlinks are very important in Google ranking. Google uses backlinks to help find and rank your website.

     Backlinks are also called “incoming links”, “external links”, and “inbound links”.

     Quality content is not only required to rank on search engines, you need to high-quality backlinks for ranking. The more quality backlinks, the more ranking you have. But while building backlinks, keep checking the spam score of the website from which you are getting a backlink.

Let’s see the most related terms to backlinks:

Do-Follow Link:

     All the links that you add within an article or blog to move the target page are do-follow links. These are all by default do-follow links and they pass the link equity or link juice value.

No-Follow Link:

     When one page or website is linking to another page or website with an attribute “no-follow”, then the link is a no-follow link.

     It does not pass the link equity or link juice value. The no-follow link does not affect ranking. But for back-linking, it is good to have both combinations of do-follow and no-follow links.

Link Equity or Link Juice:

     When a page links to another page or website, it passes the value to that page or website, that value is called link equity.  

Internal Links:

     Internal linking is also very important for ranking as the backlinks. The links that are linking within the same domain are called internal links.


     Piece of text or an image that you can click on to be taken somewhere else on the web. It is a connection between two pages or sites activated by clicking.

Anchor text:

     The actual text in a hyperlink that you click on to get from one page to another, is called anchor text.

Naked URL:

     When the anchor text consists of only the destination URL, then that link is called a naked URL.

Why are backlinks so important in SEO?

Backlinks get traffic to your website:

     When the visitors visit the website which is linking to your site, there is a much high chance that they also visit your site. Even if your site is not in the top 10 results of the search engine, but you will still get the traffic.

Relevant backlinks increase your ranking:

     Getting a high quality backlink from a high-quality website also increases your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking.

Google finds new pages through backlinks:

     Google uses its Googlebot to crawl the pages with a new website. It uses internal links as well as backlinks to find new pages. It stores that new page into its directory, and when someone enters the query related to your page, Google shows your page as a result.

   Let’s see how search engine crawl links to map out the internet as well as how to talk about those links? When a search engine does a crawl it uses a program knows as a spider to read pages and objects on the internet and to navigate between them.

How Google crawls the pages?

How Google crawls pages of website

   Googlebot uses a sitemap and rebort.txt file to crawl the pages with a new website. They can also use internal links between pages to decide which path to take. When Googlebot or other search engines spider sees the links that go from your website to another website, it will use that link as a path to navigate to the next site.

   Think of the web as a subway system where each website is a station. Each link between the website is a path that Googlebot acting like a subway corer uses to navigate in between. The crawlers start at some known website and collect links to other sites, follow those links crosses pages, follow more links to more sites, and just continue that cycle.

  When Googlebot crawls a site, it indexes that site’s data in its storage stoners, and then it waits for someone to perform a relevant search so that they can return that data as a search result.

What are backlinks, hyperlink, and anchor text?

What is hyperlink?

    Looking over some basic link terminology so you can be familiar with those terms throughout the rest of the article. So first look at these links from wpbeginner.com to my example website which is semrush.com. These are hyperlinks that just means they are links from one hypertext document or file to another location that you can activate by clicking on them.

   A hyperlink is usually a piece of text or an image that you can click on to be taken somewhere else on the web. You usually see hyperlinks appear in blue font on the site. So for this example, we are pretending that I’m the owner of semrush.com and I acquired these links from wpbeginner.com to point back to me.

   There are several terms we can use to describe the fact that these are links from another site to my site. We can call them external links, inbound links, or backlinks.

   When a hyperlink is made of text that you click on to get from one online place to another, the actual text that you click is called the anchor text.

What is anchor text?

     When the anchor text is made up of only destination URL, that’s called a naked URL. Naked URL is really common, almost half of backlinks on the web used naked URLs as an anchor text.

Anchor text and its types

   There is a couple of other types of anchor text you might see as you are looking into the backlink profile.

   Do we know what a naked URL looks like? That’s just when you click on the phrase semrush.com, keyword anchors like backlink building and analytics. Words or phrases that serve as a keyword related to the link’s destination.

   You might also see branded anchors which are the anchor text is the name of your website or your company. So you will click on the actual words SEMrush instead of the URL. Finally, about 14% of the anchor text that exists on the web is generic. So it is made up of phrases like click here or sees this page for more information.

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